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10 things i want in lego dimensions 10 ben 10 level pack and team pack 9 predator vs aliens fun pack 8 titanfall 2 story pack 7 deadpool level pack based on the movie 6 the lego ninjago movie story pack 5 power rangers story pack and team pack based on the movie 2017 4 metroid prime fun pack 3 pirates of the carabion dead man tel no tales story pack 2 lego nexo Knights story pack and team pack and nomber 1 is the bionicle story pack and team packs and fun packs


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Lightsthroughshadow Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Student Photographer
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Darkimus-Primal Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hi, Here is an MLP Crossover Story Saga That I Highly Recommend for you to make......
MLP Crossover Story:
Story Title: My little Pony: The Omnitrixes Saga:
Story Synopsis: Involves the ultimatrix (2010), The Omnitrix (2012), The Omnitrix (Prototype) Replica (20??), and the Biomatrix Gauntlets (20??) Mysteriously Appearing in Equestria and Getting Into the Hands of 4 Different Ponies.....who are......Applejack (Ultimatrix), Starlight Glimmer (Omnitrix), Scootaloo (The Omnitrix (Prototype) Replica), and Twilight Sparkle (the Biomatrix Gauntlets) and Using them to defend equestria against both old and new villains as well as also using them to both solve friendship problems and Fight off monster well as not only including the aliens the Omnitrixes already have within them but also unlock new alien Forms from the DNA off of.....The Solastar Order Members (ROM), The Micronauts From Microspace (Micronauts), Cybertronians from the Planet Cybertron (Transformers), Sea-Ponies/Mermares From The Kingdom of Aquestria (My little Pony: The Movie (2017)), Both The Neomorphs and the Xenomorphs from The Engineer Homeworld Paradise (Alien: Covenant), and Both The Super Predators and The Jungle Hunter Predators (Classic) From Both The Predator Homeworld and the Game Preserve Planet.......all the while an ancient Powerful Enemy long forgotten in equestrian history has set their world in his crosshairs.......The Battle Between Good Vs. About to Go From Awesome......To Badass......This Fall....Rethink your heroes.......
Note #1: This Takes Place in the same Universe as The MLP Comedy One Shot Crossover Series My little Pony: Fire-Marshall Bill Based off of Jim Carrey's Character Fire Marshall Bill Burns From The Comedy Series In The Living Color....Created by Fox.....
Story Saga:
Story Saga Title: My little Pony: Fire Marshall Bill
Story Saga Synopsis: A Series of Comedy Crossover One Shots Based Off The In The Living Color TV Series Skits Fire Marshall Bill Which Stars Jim Carrey as Fire Marshall Bill Murray...........
Video Featuring all the adventures of Fire Marshall Bill......…
Note #2: This Story Also Takes Place in the Same Universe as an MLP Crossover/Blueberry Inflation Story Quadrillogy..........Featuring the Classic Blueberry Inflation Centered around an Imperfect Version of the 3 Course Meal Chewing Gum.....
Story Quadrillogy:
Story Quadrillogy Title: My little Pony: 3 Course Meal Chewing Gum
Story Synopsis: A Trilogy of MLP Blueberry Inflation Stories Featuring 4 Ponies Princess Cadance (Young Adult Pony), Petunia Paleo (Filly Pony), Rainbow Dash (Young Adult Pony), and Diamond Tiara (Filly Pony) all getting in an incident in which they chew the Not-Quite-Right Prototype Gum By Mistake and Inflate into a Giant 10 Foot Blueberry in the same style as The Blueberry Inflation of the 2005 film version of Violet Bearuegarde as Portrayed in the 2005 Film Charlie and the chocolate factory............and Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie are forced to Roll The Ponies in each incident to a Juicing room located at Sugar-Cube Corner however it is at a Cost they find out that they can't Get all of the Blueberry Juice out of them forcing the 4 Ponies to Live with both some blueberry juice inside of them and remaining with Blueberry Colored Skin Permanently for the Rest of Their Lives............and finally just like My little Pony: Fire Marshall Bill......This story takes Place in the Same Universe as My little Pony: The Omnitrixes Saga.......
Here are the DeviantArt Photos and YouTube Videos Further Proving my point on this Story Suggestion:
Here are the Wikia articles further explaining my point on the Story suggestion.........My little Pony: The Omnitrixes Saga:……………………
....Nuff Said.
cybertech02 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
He i want to tel you i like the omnitrix from ben 10 but i hate mlp but not if iT looks like sonic or like a half or in the way of a pony ho has two arms and two lags and as a cool armor but mlp is wat i som time Juses in my art wat is for the fans but i hate iT ho aver i do horse riding sins i like animals and like to ride on a horse like a cowboy or a knight but i like pony's but That ar only pony's from real life and i have a chapter in my story wer my little pony has a thing in iT but That is iT was based on a dream i had but mabe you want to watch my art if you like
Loki-Emberson Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
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